Melting and warm-up furnaces


Tilting crucible furnace

  • Furnace with crucible for fast meltung of aluminium and bronce-alloys
  • Available for all standard crucible types
  • Capacity 125 up to 1000 kgMelting capacity 100 kg per hour up to 450 kg per hour
  • Burners with 100 kW up to 1000 kW
  • Electric or gas/oil heated

Deliverable with electric heating system!


Stationary crucible furnaces

  • Electrical or gas/oil heated crucible furnace for melting n-p112
  • and warm-up of aluminium alloys
  • Capacity 35 up to 1500 kg
  • Melting capacity 30 up to 350 kg per hour
  • Electrical power 18 upt to 120kW
  • Warm-up consumption 3 up to 9kWh
  • Economic solution for warm-up of NE-metals
  • Robust and foundry approbriate furnace construction
  • Protective semi-embedded coil
  • Energy saving ceramic heating plates
  • All-over high balanced thermal radiation and therefore
  • optimal heat transfer and long crucible durability.


  • impeller stations with crane runway,
  • crucible pulling devices
  • stationary or mobile, heated and nonheated transfer ladles
  • and adequate gas-heated ladle heating stations.


Turning platform Best casting with positioning automatic made by Balzer

  • Integrated process chaindrehscheibe
  • Warm-up furnace integrated in the full-automatic casting process
  • Central line control station for process control
  • On-site control panel
  • Fill – clean – ladle in step
  • Pneumatic cover
  • Free selectable positioning
  • Drive with rotary joint, protected under floor







Warm-up furnace

Late-breaking– Beat the electricity tariff with our energy saver.
The up-to-date crucible free furnace.
Low connected loads at optimized warm-up values
(11 kW for 500kg Aluminium)


  • Best energy use by direct radiant heat and light weight construction insulationn-p11
  • Continuous power control of the heating
  • No overheating of the cast
  • Customized assembly and design of the ladle pocket
  • and filling hole
  • Fast discharging und alloy change by
  • assembled tilting device
  • No overfilling by constructive design
  • Cover lifting for fast and easy cleaning of the tray
  • Low wear coating of the tray for low operating costs
  • Crucible free design for extremely reduced operating costs
  • Ecologically and operation friendly design concept



The crucible free Furnace decrease your Heating-cost and benefits a better handling and higher environmentalprotection facts

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